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Growing up as a musician his first and foremost aim is to make sure the performing artist is at ease while working. To him this is the key to a succesful music production - the music can only speak through the artist and this will be so much easier if that artist find him-/herself in an atmosphere that is built to enhance that performance.

Experience - dedication - musicality

Founder/owner Herwig Scheck has been professionally active in the music scene since the early 2000's. Whether it is as a live performer, session musician, music producer or sound engineer he has worked with the who's who of Belgian artists and bands.

As an engineer-producer we are experienced in full-on production, album recording & mixing, demo's, songwriting, pre-production assistance, music-for-picture, remote mixing, location recording and many, many more.

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Although we pride ourselves to be capable to handle all audio- and music-related projects here are a few examples of what we can do for you.

Delivering your music

Online Mixing / Analog hardware / Digital speed & flexibility

We provide online mixing services for all your music and audio. Low turnaround times, high quality mixes and at a very affordable price.
All tracks are mixed in our studio which features extensive acoustic treatment. Every mix is also run through a mixture of high-quality digital and analog gear.

Capturing the essence

Recording / Acoustics / Gear

We also provide recording & production services.
Our recording space is suited for band-tracking sessions and has a punchy, modern-sounding drum ambience to it.
The microphone collection allows for a wide array of different sounds: from classic tube large diaphragm condensors to vintage sounding ribbons and everything in between.
We chose for a very complete selection of microphone preamps of which most are transformer-coupled. This allows for a sonic imprint to be made at the very source which makes the mixing easier and faster.

Enhance your music

Editing / Additional recording / extra production

Additional to recording & mixing we also can accomodate clients that wish to enhance the audio they already have. We proud ourself to be highly proficient in the art of invisible editing and further enhancement of your audio.
Whether it be timing issues, tuning issues or general technical audio problems.

If you are looking to further enhance the content of your audio and/or music we can also provide in additional production of your tracks to lift them to a higher level alltogether. Either in the form of additional production or by adding live musicians - experienced professionals are available for all types of music and budgets.

Being prepared is half the job

Songwriting / Arranging / Pre-production

Next to all of this we are also experienced in songwriting and arranging. Helping you out with the basics of your music, enhancing what is there and making sure the essence of your song is delivered to the listener. Writing and co-writing for specific projects and/or artists is off course also possible.

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There is surely much, much more that we could mean for your project. Please, do not hesitate to contact us through this form or social media, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.